Reasons to purchase a golf membership from your favourite golf course

Do you frequently enjoy golfing? If you golf on a regular basis then you may want to consider getting a golf membership for your favourite golf course. A golf membership will likely save you money and guarantee that you will be able to book tee times at your own convenience.

The financial benefits of buying a golf membership

When you have a golf membership you are able to enjoy the game of golf at your local course whenever you would like.

Very often, the number one reason why people purchase memberships is for the financial incentives. People who golf on a regular basis can save money by investing in a membership to the course where they most frequently play golf.

Depending on how often you play golf, that membership could save you hundreds of dollars.

Having a membership is also a way for you to support and show your loyalty to your favourite golf course in the community.

Want to golf more? Purchase a Membership.

If you golf a few times a week during the season, paying full price golf fees can really begin to add up. For someone who wants to be more than just a once-in-a-blue-moon golfer, having a membership is the best way to go. Because you can golf as often as you wish when you have a membership, you will never be restricted on when you can golf. This makes it much easier to practice the game and really refine your golf skills.

If you aren’t a golfer yourself but have one in the family, a golf membership makes an excellent gift!

Really, you can't go wrong with buying a membership. This is especially true if you golf several times every week. Although the initial cost of a membership seems like a lot, most people find that they save money when they buy one. At Cottonwood Coulee Golf Course in Medicine Hat we have affordable golf memberships for our patrons. To find out more about purchasing a golf membership contact our Pro Shop.