Indoor Golf

Indoor Golf Open during the Winter Season

Play golf all winter on our state-of-the-art indoor golf simulators with 4K projectors and Uneekor Eye XO launch monitors. Come down and enjoy a round of golf at 1 of 100’s of real life golf courses and enjoy a beverage or two as well as some appetizers while you play.

The golf simulator is booked by the hour, not per person.

$35/HourEvenings (after 5pm)


Play at Hundreds of Golf Courses Around the World!

Warm up on the range or jump straight into a game at one of 100’s of golf course from around the world. There are multiple options to choose from when setting up your game, you can choose your gimme range (putting is the most difficult part of indoor golf simulation) or choose to not putt at all. Also, you can choose what format to play, anything from regular stroke play to match play or even a scramble can be chosen.

On average we recommend the simulator be booked for 1 hour for each person wanting to play 18 holes. We find that new players often require more time as they learn the system but 1 hour per person is usually a good amount of time to plan on.

In order to use our indoor golf simulator, golfers are encouraged to bring their own golf clubs, cleaned to reduce and debris on the screen (rentals are available) as well as new, unmarked golf balls and clean golf shoes or runners.

Powered By Uneekor Eye

Our indoor golf simulators are powered by Uneekor eye xo launch monitors which provide some of the most accurate indoor golf simulation available. The Uneekor eye xo launch monitor is capable of reading ball speed, spin, launch angle and azimuth (degrees left or right) to determine how far the ball would travel and display it immediately on one of the world class golf courses that you select. This allows you to play the golf courses from tee to green using every club in your bag from driver to putter. They can also give you club data including swing speed, club path, face angle, point of impact, angle of attack and more. This can help you improve your game and get ready for next season.

2024 MNP Cup

The upcoming 10-week indoor golf league at Cottonwood Coulee Golf Course will kick off on January 8, 2024, and conclude with a Match Play Playoff bracket. The league starts with two qualifying weeks to establish handicaps, awarding half points based on gross scores. The subsequent weeks, including Weeks 6 and 10 designated as MAJOR Weeks with double points, will involve regular season events scored on net scores. The number of playoff qualifiers will depend on total league registrations, with different thresholds for 24, 36, and 50 players. The playoffs are set to begin on March 18, with up to four rounds extending into late March. Each week features a predetermined course setup, and players can pre-play up to three weeks in advance but cannot make up missed rounds. Space is limited to the first 50 golfers!

Prizes & Awards

he MNP Cup offers a range of prizes for up to 50 participants. The top four finishers of the match play playoffs will select from premium prizes in order of their finish, including a custom-fit set of Callaway or Srixon irons, a Callaway driver, a set of three wedges from Callaway or Cleveland, and a Srixon golf bag. Additionally, weekly cash prizes are available for a $5 entry fee, including over $500 in a hole-in-one pot carried over from the previous season. Prizes are awarded weekly for the lowest gross and net scores, and the season’s overall points leader will receive a $250 gift card.